1. We're No.1
    We are ranked on TripAdvisor as the No.1 shooting range in Orlnaod. Judging by the reviews, we believe this high level of customer satisfaction is due to the following factors:
  2. The best ammunition
    We only use genuine police/military grade ammunition in the original (or bigger) calibers to give you an authentic full power shooting experience, not the dangerous re-loaded or lower powered ammo used at some ranges.
  3. We can include transportation
    We would be happy to come pick you up if you need a ride! We can pick up from your hotel or in Orlando to the range and back in a private bus or car.
  4. Honest pricing
    Our prices are transparent and shown clearly on the website. Other ranges offer low teaser rates to get you in the door and the up sell to increase the tab! Our pricing is clear, honest and offers the most value of any range in the Orlando area!
  5. We offer more
    There’s an opportunity to shoot some more iconic guns on an individual basis at the end for a little extra cost as per the extras price list which is downloadable from any of the packages pages on this site (e.g. guns like a .44 Magnum, Cowboy Action Pistols, & Machineguns). Often other ranges don’t allow time for this or don’t have a very good selection of extras..
  6. Free t-shirt
    Most of our events offer a complimentary T-shirt as a souvenir!
  7. We're specialists
    We don’t do hotels, strippers, go-carts or anything that’s not related to shooting. This way we can totally focus on providing you with the best, and safest, group shooting events in town.