1. I’ve never fired a gun before.
    No experience required! For safety reasons all of our shooting events assume zero knowledge or skills with firearms. Our events are designed to give non-shooting customers a really positive introduction to target shooting.
  2. Do I need a gun license etc?
    No licenses are required! All of our shooting events assume no experience or skills with firearms.
  3. What do I need to bring to the range?
    Anyone who is shooting needs a valid government issued photo ID (passport or driver’s license), closed toed shoes and no low cut tops. We provide everything else!
  4. Do I have to pre-book or can I just turn up?
    For larger groups wishing to shoot at the weekend, especially during summer, its recommended to book at least 4 weeks before to guarantee a slot. It is best to pre-book for any and all groups to reserve a date / time. You are welcome to turn up, but there is no guarantee that there will be availability.
  5. Can we pay in full when we get to the shooting range?
    If you prefer to pay upon arrival, we require a $25.00 per person non-refundable deposit when you book, and then you pay the remaining balance when you arrive at the range.  The deposit forms part of the total payment for the event therefore is not refundable after the event. We are also happy to accept pre-payment for groups preferring not to handle large amounts of cash on the day.
  6. I am on my own. Can I still shoot?
    Of Course! Package bookings are for whomever wants to shoot!
  7. What Attire Is Recommended / What to wear?
    You are welcome to wear whatever you want. Our only requirements are for safety:
    No low cut tops (tops must be close up to the neck)
    No open toed shoes (no flip flops or sandals)
  8. What is the minimum age limit?
    The minimum age to be on the range or shoot is 12 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by THEIR PARENT.
  9. Is it OK to take photos/video?
    As long as you are in compliance with all of our range rules and regulations you can take any photos / videos you would like!
  10. Can we drive to the shooting range in our own car?
    Of course. If you do not need transportation, you are wleconme to come to the range on your own!
  11. Can I have a mixture of different packages within my group?
    Of course! You can book any combination of our package for each person in the group!
  12. Can we swap guns in the packages?
    We only offer the advertised packages. It is not possible to swap guns around within a package, but if you require more flexibility it may be better to book one of the smaller packages and then shoot some extras on an individual basis at the end (extras price list).
  13. My friend’s don’t want to shoot. Is it OK for them to come along as spectators?
    Of course!
  14. Do you offer any anything special for bachelor or bachelorette parties?
    We do not offer any special packages for bachelor or bachelorette parties, but there is an opportunity to rent some more exotic guns for him/her at the end of the main group event!