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About This Class

USPSA Format Practical Shooting Match – First Monday of The Month (Ocoee Location)

Orlando Gun Club will be hosting an indoor USPSA style Practical Shooting Match one time per month at our Ocoee facility. The match will be organized, setup and worked by active USPSA members. Our indoor match will be a basic practical shooting match made up of mostly classifier style stages.

Interested in competitive shooting? Practical shooting is competition. The USPSA is the premier competitive shooting organization in the world. USPSA membership is your pass to compete in any USPSA match anywhere in the world!

What do I need to shoot a competitive USPSA style match at the OGC?

  • Minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition
  • Handgun of choice (9mm or greater)
  • Strong side outside the waistband holster
  • 4 magazine pouches
  • 4 spare magazines


The following holsters are PROHIBITED:

  • Inside the waistband (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Appendix carry holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Cross draw holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Shoulder holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Drop leg holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • SERPA holtsers (NOT ALLOWED)