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All shooters must be 21 years or older. All minor children must be accompanied by an adult. Minor children must be 12 years old or older to shoot.

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About This Class

Interested in dynamic shooting but don’t know how to start? Well this is the place! Learn the range commands, drawing & reloading techniques you need to start on the path of dynamic shooting. This class will prepare you for the OGC Match prep, which will, in turn, prepare you for the OGC Match!

What do I need to take the Introduction To Competitive Shooting Class?

  • Relevant Shooting Experience
  • Ammunition – 50 Rounds
  • Handgun of choice (9mm or greater)
  • Strong side outside the waistband holster
  • 4 magazine pouches
  • 4 spare magazines

Want to try but don’t want to invest in all the gear? OGC has practice gear setup and ready to go (available for our standard gun rental fee)!

The following holsters are PROHIBITED:

  • Inside the waistband (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Appendix carry holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Cross draw holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Shoulder holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • Drop leg holster (NOT ALLOWED)
  • SERPA holtser (NOT ALLOWED)